How we got here

As a photographer of people, landscapes and architecture Paul often artworks his images using a range of digital techniques ranging from black & white semi-line drawings to muted colour and exaggerated colour. He likes to achieve an emotional and even spiritual response. His interest in heritage is an appreciation of the richness of craftsmanship and beauty around us in the urban and semi-urban landscape.

His interest in heritage is echoed in his poetic writings too. In April 2007 he embarked on his directorial debut based on his poem about his hometown Leeds called 'The Black City' which is a historically based poetic drama for 5 voices which was performed at Leeds Town Hall as an in-hand reading by interpreters/actors from The Royal Armouries, Leeds as part of the 800 year celebrations for the city. He has a poetry podcast on Podbean: Lightpainting With Poetry.

"Day dreams of night that the photographer paints with light wrought real by the light of reason's way."

Paul Heaney, October 2022

He studied practical philosophy with The School of Philosophy (The School Of Economic Science as it was called in the 1970's), the teaching being based on ancient Vedic scripture. He has also had an interest in Zen Buddhism since a young man. This has led to him working towards a collection of images he calls 'Zen and the art of the extra-ordinary'. You can see this collection in his upcoming exhibition. Since 2018 he has run an art business hosting Art Fayres in Leeds Kirkgate Market seasonally and once a year in Leeds Corn Exchange.

paul heaney photography art fayre art fair leeds corn exchange

Art Fayre in Leeds Corn Exchange 2022

paul heaney photography leeds corn exchange exterior
paul heaney photography art house art fayre art fair artist with art buyer leeds kirgate market

Aside from what he learnt from his father Ken Heaney, his training comprised of a one year Foundation course which was followed by 2 years in advertising photography at Dewsbury Technical & Art College (DABTAC), Cambridge St, Batley.

Paul became self-employed straight after earning a diploma in photographics. He has chosen to work as a photographic artist since spending some time living in China in 2011 where he lived in Xiamen in Fujan Province, followed by Shanghai in 2012.

paul heaney photography the bund shanghai pudong china

Shanghai skyline 2012